Food 🍲 Inspo 2: Okro Soup cooked with fresh tomatoes

Okro Soup cooked with fresh tomatoes



This is a basic and simple dish in most Nigerian homes. However, few know that you can substitute palm oil used in cooking okro soup with tomatoes and vice-versa. I prefer fresh tomatoes for okro soup because of the different flavor it gives to the soup when fried.

Tomatoes are expensive these days but since Bauchi, my love for tomatoes and okro cooked together has been undying thanks to the abundance of fresh tomatoes in the state. So, for this dish I didn’t mind the cost.

Here’s my simple recipe for Okro Soup cooked with fresh tomatoes.

Ingredients for or a single serving
Okro Soup
. Okro
. Fresh tomatoes
. Fresh Pepper
. Beef
. Kpomo (cow skin)
. Dry fish
. Cray fish
. Salt
. Onions
. Seasoning (Royco, Knorr or Maggi)
. Olive oil (or any oil of your choice that is non palm oil)


Preparation for the Okro Soup
1. In clean water and with salt, wash your beef and kpomo.
2. Spice the beef and Kpomo with salt, onions, and Royco, Knorr or Maggi (whichever one is your preference).
3. While they are cooking, wash your okro, fresh tomatoes, fresh pepper and onions separately in clean water.
4. Separately, clean your dry fish in lukewarm water with salt and place afterwards in a clean plate.
5. Pound or grind your pepper (this depends on whether you are using a mortar or blender).
6. Pound or grind your crayfish if you like. I personally prefer to cook my crayfish whole and not blend or pound.
7. Dice your tomatoes, pepper, onions and okro in medium sizes.
8. When the beef and kpomo are done and you are sure they are edible to your taste, transfer the meat into a clean bowl and rinse the pot.

9. Heat the pot and pour in your olive oil, just enough to prepare the soup.
10. Add your tomatoes, pepper and onions and fry for just a few minutes until well cooked but not over cooked.
11. Then add your dry fish and crayfish.
12. Add a little leftover sauce from the beef and kpomo. Too much sauce will give you a watery consistency and not allow the okro to draw properly.
13. Pour in the cooked beef and kpomo and stir with the tomatoes, pepper, onions and sauce mixture.
14. Add salt and season to your taste.
15. Pour in the diced okro and cook for about 5mins, please don’t overcook.


Serve the okro soup with a glass of water 💦.

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