9th-Queens in Kingsize

9th-Queens in Kingsize is the latest collection by Scandinavian fashion label, Too Damn Expensive.

TDE_0374_JPG_hires_300dpi.jpgTDE_0401_JPG_hires_300dpi.jpgTDE_0356_JPG_hires_300dpi.jpgTDE_0577 1_JPG_hires_300dpi.jpg
9th-Queens in Kingsize come in two colors, black and white. The collection is minimal, well tailored, bold and chic. 9th-Queens in Kingsize incorporates masculine details into feminine pieces: a pant with pleats by the side, bold jackets, relaxed sleeves, well fitted white pants with a bold black stripe paired with open toe slingbacks, logo belts and buckles.

TDE_0155_JPG_hires_300dpi.jpgTDE_0008 1_JPG_hires_300dpi.jpgTDE_0373_JPG_hires_300dpi.jpgTDE_0199_JPG_hires_300dpi.jpgTDE_0066_JPG_hires_300dpi.jpgTDE_0076_JPG_hires_300dpi.jpgTDE_0324 v1_JPG_hires_300dpi.jpgTDE_0318_JPG_hires_300dpi.jpgTDE_0500_JPG_hires_300dpi.jpg
9th-Queens in Kingsize is not exactly ready to wear, it has a futuristic theme and it’s a collection that will be welcome for Matrix fans. However, I think it can be tweaked in some ways mostly with a white tee to get a stunning, street worth look.

Photo Source: notjustalabel.com

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