Food 🍲 Inspo 3: Ukpaka cooked with tomato and onions sauce

Ukpaka/Ugba – African Oil Bean
I have never cooked Ukpaka (Ugba) on its own before, so this was my first time. It all usually started and ended in my Abacha (African Salad) when I cook it for my family.

Ukpaka/Ugba has a taste of its own, a unique taste that adds richly to a traditional meal – abacha, yam porridge, beans porridge, plantain porridge, ukwa (breadfruit) and so on. It’s a traditional meal of the Igbo people.

So since I got on a new diet, I have been trying to discover healthy carb free African meals that I can eat and so Ukpaka came to mind with its full package benefits of protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, etc.


With tips from YouTuber, Chichichikito on ‘How to make Ugba’, I prepared my mind to try it and so here we go.
I prepared mine differently, instead of palm oil, I substituted for olive oil and fresh tomatoes and instead of fish, I cut up my chicken into slices same length as the Ukpaka.


Ingredients for a single serving
. Ukpaka/Ugba ( I bought Ukpaka of N100. 00)
. A wing of chicken
. A cut of Kpomo (cow skin)
. Fresh tomatoes
. A ball of fresh onion
. Fresh pepper
. Crayfish
. Olive oil
. Salt
. Seasoning (Maggi, Knorr, Royco).

Preparation for Ukpaka with tomato and onions sauce
1. When you buy Ukpaka at the market, it’s already prepared and sometimes salted. The softness depends on your taste, so you can work it a little if you want it softer.
2. I just rinsed and sieved mine with a little salt and left it in lukewarm waterΒ for a while.

3. I cleaned my chicken and kpomo and cut it up into small chunks; some of the kpomo, I cut into cubes. I prefer cutting them up at the beginning instead of after cooking.
4. I seasoned the chicken and kpomo and left it to cook.
5. While they are cooking, I slice my onions and tomatoes, and pound my crayfish and pepper in a mortar.
6. Unlike Chichichikito, I didn’t get ogiri or nkanwu or stock fish because I was unsure of how it will taste with the fresh tomatoes. So I skipped that part.
7. With my meat ready, I then proceeded to prepare my oil.
8. After my oil became ready, I poured in the tomatoes and onions and fried them and some minutes later I added the pepper, crayfish, chicken and kpomo. I like to mix in my meat a little when cooking my sauce so that the sauce can seep into the meat.
7. After this, I mixed in my Ukpaka and stirred it for about 3 minutes.
8. Did I forget anything? I guess not.
9. I cut slices of the tomatoes and served it along with the Ukpaka, and a glass of water πŸ’¦.

It tasted nice.

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