‘Ngondo’ – a 2018 Resort Collection by Maison d’ Afie


Maison d’ Afie’s latest Resort Collection has a rich and interesting history drawn from the lives of Cameroonian women during the colonial era.


Specifically, the Kaba which was worn by tribal Cameroonian women during the colonial era inspired this collection. Other aspects of the Ngondo collection such as its colors was also drawn from the culture, lifestyle and environment of the coastal tribes of Cameroon called the SAWA, from where Sarah Divine-Garba, the creative director of the brand hails from.

Sarah transforms the simple Kaba into astonishing pieces with modern interpretations.

The simple silhouette of the Kaba is not lost but redefined with added modern touches. Instead of a plain maxi dress which ostensibly would have come in brown, Ngondo is infused with brilliant but subdued colors: rich brown hues, tropical greens, hints of yellow, pink and blue, there are more defining necklines, beautiful sleeves and a generally beautiful style.

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