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Revenge is an act of style. For all practical matters, no one is known to have come back from the dead after being avenged in the name of justice. However so, man can fight anything by its nature. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth will forever make better grammatical balance than… Continue reading Thoughts πŸ’­

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Autumn/Winter ’18 Collection: Jimmy Choo

Showcased by supermodels Joan Smalls, Lily Aldridge and Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Jimmy Choo's Autumn/Winter '18 Footwear Collection has an option for its customers "no matter your style". With suede, leather, polka-dot tulle and lace on offer for its customers, Jimmy Choo offers its latest perfect offerings in boots, pumps, flats and sneakers. The collection is… Continue reading Autumn/Winter ’18 Collection: Jimmy Choo

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The Indi Hues Collection by Byfyne

African swimwear favorite, Byfyne recently released a new collection, Indi Hues. Like collections before it, the Indi Hues Collection features shades of vibrant colors, motifs resembling African white-chalk tribal marks and pieces of African prints. Indi Hues has more swimsuits than its sister collections and a bit more brighter but definitely as sexy and bold… Continue reading The Indi Hues Collection by Byfyne

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G. R. A. C. E by Queen E. Collection

Queen E. Collection is a Nigerian fashion line based in New York City and has Ms. Janet Jackson among its list of clients. The fashion line which carters to female and male customers recently released the G. R. A. C. E by Queen E. Collection, an acronym which means Greatness, Resilience, Assurance, Confidence and Excellence.… Continue reading G. R. A. C. E by Queen E. Collection


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He that is down need fear no fall; He that is low no pride; He that is humble ever shall Have God to be his guide. β€”John Bunyan. This image does not belong to Belijose's Fashion Hauz.

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LE MAT DE CHANEL by Lucia Pica

LE MAT DE CHANEL is Chanel's Fall/Winter '18 Beauty Collection created by Lucia Pica for Chanel Beauty. The beauty collection consists of 1. the LE ROUGE CRAYON DE COULEUR MAT in 257 DiscrΓ©tion, LE ROUGE CRAYON DE COULEUR MAT in 265 Subversion, LE ROUGE CRAYON DE COULEUR MAT in 267 Impulsion matte lipsticks, 2. the… Continue reading LE MAT DE CHANEL by Lucia Pica


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If I get fat, I eat too much! If I loose weight, I am sick or insecure! If I dress well, I show off! If I dress simply, I am poor! If I cry, I am seeking pity! If I speak my mind, I am arrogant! What do you want? This image does not belong… Continue reading Thoughts πŸ’­