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Funky 90s

This was honestly my first time of seeing a clothing by Nigerian fashion label Popartii. The label’s hand painted graffiti inspired denim jackets are quite famous.

I had to start my own Discovery Channel on Popartii to further educate myself and I learnt the label is a fusion of contemporary art, with pop and afro and also showing off a “youthful exuberance”. Popartii is run by Chinedu Johnson and Kiel Orji.

Funky 90s is the label’s latest collection while still doing what they love and do best – hand painted graffiti work on clothing.
Funky 90s mixes all the raw fun, jam, rock and roll, graffiti, slang and street cred ascribed to the 90s to bring beautiful and classical pieces to today’s youth. Well, I think since most of us missed out on that period, at least we get to be part of it by wearing it.

Popartii’s latest creation is full of life bringing together cultures through symbols and words that we know and recognize from today’s world: chips and burgers, iced soda, skyscrapers, sneakers and aliens, and the world past: an image of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the Pyramids, the famous all seeing eye and hieroglyphs.
I will so love a denim jacket from this collection, let me research some more details on the prices, have a lovely day.


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