The Obaapa Haute Couture Collection


Remember Ghanaian designer, Sima Brew’s “white” wedding collection with mermaid and princess dress silhouettes in rich cream and ivory colors which was modeled by Ghanaian TV host, Selly Galley; you can jog your memory here Sima Brew’s “Timeless” Wedding Collection



Well, Sima Brew who has released two bridal collections since February this year, Bridal and Timeless, is in time for August nuptials and has just released three looks from her newest collection, Obaapa Haute Couture Collection.


Obaapa Haute Couture Collection is steered differently with a focus on the rich African traditional weddings. Here, Sima Brew puts color combination, structure, attention to details that can only be achieved by the best designers to good use.


The colors in Obaapa are vibrant without being gaudy or intrusive; Sima Brew’s silhouettes are testament to her knowledge of what the African woman, especially the West African woman would want to wear. There are embellishments and designs that make each piece attractive and glamorous.
Saying Sima has outdone herself with this collection will be quite hasty. We are waiting patiently for another wedding dress.

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