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Shopping for Jeans: My Plus βž• Size Experience


Mummy jeans, boyfriend jeans
The days of all round skinny jeans and low waist is shifting to accommodate these brand of jeans: mummy jeans, boyfriend jeans, jeans that hug and define your waist but flare down a little, not too tight, not too skinny, just right (all jeans feel right). This is kind of like the go-to jeans these days, call it trending if you will.

Lately, I have been on a diet mixed with exercises and I have had a fairly good result, so I thought of celebrating my weight loss journey with a pair of new jeans. With this in mind, I wewe on a Pinterest search for the perfect jeans and it led me to the relatively new high waist, loose (faded was more appealing) jeans and we fell in love at first sight.

But I have had problems with buying new clothes which is finding a place that carters to all body tytyp. Well, I met that challenge and matter of fact I spent two days walking from store to store looking for the perfect faded blue boyfriend/mummy jeans for me.

I must say that I wasn’t surprised at the treatment I got from the sellers (I went to the Enugu Main Market, popularly known as Ogbete). To them, there was nothing that could size me, most of them wouldn’t even care to search and for the others they brought jeans that were ill fitting and would fit someone three times my size and the comments were πŸ˜‘.
Does it mean there aren’t jeans for people my size and above?

I eventually found one pair of jeans on the second day and then two and more from ‘bend down select’ and there were plenty girls like me there, we saw what we wanted, had fun selecting and comparing notes on how to pair them with pictures from our phones, bargained and paid for our purchases. I am happy with my new jeans, I bought two and I distressed one at the knees using tips from Instyle Magazine
But it beats me that I still cannot easily find the right clothing and have to get snide comments in order to buy a new cloth.


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