Are Diamond Rings Overrated?

Bored Panda writer, Giedrė recently made a post titled ‘Tumblr Perfectly Explains Why Millennials Aren’t Buying Diamonds, And Why You Shouldn’t Too’. Interesting read. See –

Among the reasons listed on why Millennials aren’t buying diamonds include: overpricing, manipulating consumer demands by major diamond companies, the interesting fact that diamonds are not rare, diamonds are not an investment as also commonly believed, and the fact that there are other stones that are as good as diamonds.

According to a 2015 article from Business Insider, (  people traditionally were not into diamonds but had other ways of symbolizing engagements till the De Beers Mining Company through a thorough and massive advertising campaign “ingrained diamond rings into marriages” and limited its supply thereby driving up prices.

The Tumblr thread listed other stones that are actually as good and way more affordable in comparison to diamonds: moissanite, sapphire, ruby.

I will honestly say that I always thought diamonds were rare and a good investment and I didn’t know about much of the things written in the post and article.

I guess the question 🙋 is, what is your reasoning for wanting to own a diamond ring?

Is it because of the sentimental value attached to it (given to you by the love of your life or handed down from generations of women before you)? Or is because you want to get Society’s approval (the ‘I have arrived’ club)? Or much like me, you are appreciative of all things beautiful, including diamonds? Or you can afford it and you like it so you will buy it😉? Or are you just being thrifty?


Whether you will choose a diamond ring or you will prefer a holiday instead of a diamond ring or you think it’s grossly unnecessary, the value and worth of this beautiful sparkler all depends on what it means to you.

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