Ashi Studio’s Autumn/Winter 18/19 Couture Collection.

It is sometimes difficult for me to describe how I see a collection or just an item from the whole because sometimes ‘beautiful’ falls short.

Ashi Studio’s has over the years created breathtaking clothing and ensembles and with designs and end results such as these, I never cease to marvel at how fashion designers bring such imaginations to life.

This is one of Ashi Studio’s latest collections; the fashion brand’s Autumn/Winter 18/19 Couture Collection. It was modeled by Estella Brons of Next Models Milano and photographed by @andreasortnerstudio, with creative inputs such as styling from @nelly_gonclaves and @kralicek, hair by @hairbyandre_ and @opentalentparis, casting director @krokogheya and many more.

This collection is not simple, it is rich. Every detail is uniquely set to make each item different and appealing: beautiful embroidery, structured ruffles, ostrich feathers, bulbous sleeves, and intricate lace patterns.
I think this collection would have perfectly fit this year’s Met Gala 2018 Theme- “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”.

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