AFWL: The Black Sparta Collection by Afrodite

Afrodite is a luxury African clothing line that specialises in fashionable clothes and accessories for men and women.
The fashion line was among many African design labels to showcase their work at the just concluded 2018 Africa Fashion Week London.

For the show, Afrodite showcased its new Black Sparta Collection; a collection inspired by the female warriors of King Béhanzin, the 11th king of Dahomey (modern day Benin) who ruled from 1889 to 1894.

Afrodite’s Black Sparta Collection is regal and rich with African prints as its main material. Mainly jackets paired with black pants, gowns, dresses and skirts, the Black Sparta Collection is made more unique by the help of its accompanying accessories, a straw rice hat, a raffia handbag called the Carolina Bamboo, garter belts, and statement jewelry.

With the details making all the difference, Black Sparta’s jackets feature plunging necklines, crop details with bottom tails, and are cinched with metallic belts, statement necklaces, the dresses come with full skirts and ruffled details.

Photo Credit/Source: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo, Instagram.

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