Jaeger’s Autumn/Winter Collection


Some days when I look through my wardrobe for what to wear my thoughts usually go in the line of, ‘what will VB (Victoria Beckham) wear?’. Victoria’s effortlessly knack for wearing chic and smart outfits while exuding beautiful, breathtaking confidence are one of my favorite personal style moments.

This is fashion brand, Jaeger’s new Autumn/Winter Collection (est. 1884) and it reminds me of Victoria Beckham’s renowned style.

The collection is beautiful, chic and classy with beautiful neutrals and classy prints. I really like it.

Jaeger has gone through the roller-coaster of business life and survived; and with this collection I think it would be winning a lot of hearts. The collection’s tiered leather skirt, chequered flared culottes, white sweater with bow sleeve details and a vibrant gold colored satin separates will appeal to today’s urbane fashion lovers.

Inspired by the glamour and class of the Audrey Hepburn, Anne Gunning era, Jaeger’s Autumn/Winter collectin reminds of why the 50s and 60s will always be a beloved fashion period.

Photo Source: Daily Mail

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