A. Human – September 5

Will you consider modifying your body each day just to accessorize?
A Human is a self-acclaimed fashion brand that encourages body modifications on the daily, “where self expression is not defined by what you put on your body but how you change your body”.

A. Human believes in a future where humans can be able to change their form into whatever they want. The launch date of the futuristic fashion brand’s interactive exhibition is this month, September 5th at the Mercer Street in Soho with tickets costing $40.00 for general admissions and $70.00 for after hours admissions.



Created by Simon Huck, A. Human has recruited Kim Kardashian West, Chrissey Teigen, Andreja Pejic and Tan France to advertise its designs to their millions of followers on Instagram.Conch shells made into heeled human feet, a human corset made to match the skin, a blue tipped spike extension at the shoulder blades, a skin toned implanted necklace, breastplates with wings and even a customized heart are all on offer at the exhibition.


A. Human asks:
“If you can change your body as easily
as you change your clothes, does your
appearance loose all meaning, or does
it mean everything?”

I think that if you can change your body as easily as you change your clothes your appearance and your whole person will loose meaning. At this time when the world is encouraging love and embrace of self, A. Human which considers present day body modifications as insecurities, is far from securing the self confidence and security of the future.

Photo Source: Daily Mail

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