A Modest Work-Wear Collection by Amnas

Amnas releases stylish but modest clothings designed to suit the tastes of every woman. I cannot forget the uniqueness and soft elegance of the brand’s 2018 Ramadan Collection which featured neatly pleated sleeves, tassel embellishments, embroidery in neutral hues and rich fabric. It was modeled by Nigerian style influencer, Hanifar Abubakar. See – Amans’s 2018 Ramadan Collection

This modest work wear collection matches Amnas Ramadan Collection in simplicity and elegance but more edge and boldness is added to each piece of this collection, as Amnas carefully moves away from spiritually to boardroom confidence and style whilst retaining the modest wear theme.

Skorts, bell sleeves, pleated hems, wrap dresses with slit sleeves, a peplum African blouse with matching skirt in a rich royal blue color, beaded designs and ruching are some of the highlights of this work wear collection. Instead of a long scarf draped over the shoulder, Amnas heats things up by allowing some glimpse of the neck and shoulder and making do with matching stylishly tied scarves.

With the bold confidence of Tale Mentary @tale_mentary, the model who presents this collection, Amnas is prepared to embrace a world that is progressively accepting modest wear as chic and fashionable.

Photo Source: Ono Bello.com

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