A Newly Discovered Treasure – Adubea Jensen’s ‘LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL’

I always admired the handbags I saw in my mom’s old ‘youngy’ pictures. Some of them were made from wood, flexible bamboo, beads and plastic. I remember getting to see a real life handbag of the same type in my aunt’s place; it was rectangular with flaps and a wooden handle, in red and black colors, and I believe made from a sort of flexible plastic, that looked like straw. I guess it was the ‘it’ bag in those days. Over the years and even now, I am discovering my love for antiques and vintage. They hold a memory and life of times past, that is beautiful and draws you.

IMG_20180911_204033_090.JPGIMG_20180911_204102_375.JPGIMG_20180911_204145_170.JPG14821349960 (1).jpgIMG_20180911_204238_397.JPGIMG_20180911_204117_709.JPGIMG_20180911_204210_549.JPG

This is why I am fascinated with Adubea Jensen’s works. She manages to capture two time periods in a beautiful, timeless and endearing way, with none of the times loosing its place in the other. This post is dedicated to the Ghanaian designer’s latest work, the ‘LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL’ collection.

Life Is Beautiful collection is a collection of beaded handbags in beautiful color mixes and monochromes. The bags are all 100% handmade and are limited editions. The collection consists of totes, purses, clutches, and more, and also has magnetic closures, inner removable fabric bag, wooden handles, internal phone pockets and trimmings.

Adubea Jensen’s Life Is Beautiful collection is a perfect nod to elegance.

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