Thoughts πŸ’­

I weigh the sea
I weigh the storm
I weigh a thousand stories long.
I weigh my mother’s fortitude and my father’s eyes
I weigh the way they look at me with pride
I weigh strength and fearless and the warrior in me.
I weigh all the pain and trauma that made me see
that I have more galaxies inside me than tragedies.
We all weigh joys and darkness and goodness and sin
you see, we are infinite within the skin we are in.
So when they ask you what you weigh
you don’t need to look down at any scale.
Instead, simply tell them the truth,
tell them how you
weigh whole universes
and storms and scars and stories too.

β€”Nikita Gill.

This image does not belong to Belijose’s Fashion Hauz.

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