Video Tutorial: Wig making


Wig making is not my forte. I have recently, been considering wearing wigs quite a bit these days, because braiding often, is costing me my front hair.
Thankfully, my twin sister Amanda, came through, with a new wig for me. The ease of wearing a wig this past few days, has been a good experience  and I see a great future for my natural hair growth.

My first wig making photo 

So in a bid to increase my wig supply, at least from one to maybe two extra, I discovered on YouTube (thanks YouTube!) ways of making wigs – from the simple, to the closure, to the lace frontal, all French language until this week.

Hair, razor blade, weavon brush, hair comb, scissors, needle and thread, wig making pin

In this post, I am sharing two wig making video tutorials from YouTube, that I consider the best easy starter videos for beginners like me, and maybe you!

One is from YouTube channel, Sandie Slays, where she teaches how to make a wig closure in 1 hour and the second is from YouTube channel, Beauty Forever, that shows how to make a wig without closure.

I am also sharing here photo details of my first wig making, not finished yet but I promise to share when I am done.
Happy wig making.

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