The Princess Ford Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

The ‘Glory Dress’ is a beautiful white dress with pink floral embroidery, layers of tulle, and sparkle detail, designed for little girls from the ages of about 3 – 10, this dress along with several other creations in beautiful colors and child-friendly designs are all part of the Princess Ford Spring/Summer 2018 Collection by the Princessford Atelier.

Princessford Atelier is a Nigerian clothing brand that designs haute couture clothings for children. The clothing brand is a recognized international luxury brand for children.


The brand’s Princess Ford collection, is unique for its design and detail. Sparkles, tulle, lace, layering, ostrich feathers and ruffles are used primarily in the collection to create miniature ball gowns and ballerina dresses that can be worn by children for all occasions.

Topped up with sparkles, high collars, sequins and beautifully embroidery, the brands adds extra detail to each piece of clothing from the collection, making the traditional children’s style more luxe.

The Princess Ford Spring/Summer 2018 Collection was modeled by child models, @daniela.shogwe, @camillaandmia, @lavinyaunluer, @jemima_stargirl, @the_j3_sisters.

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    1. I think you should reach out to Princess Ford and other like brands. Belijose’s Fashion Hauz is not a representative or agent of the brand. We wish you and your daughter the best of luck


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