Spring 2019 Ready to Wear Collection – Esteban Cortazar

Play back ▶ to 2017, when night wear was day wear. Esteban Coartearz brings back the chart topping trends from last year to 2019 in beige, nude colored sleep jackets, pyjamas tops and bottoms, and lingerie.

With models sashaying the runway in these ensembles, the designer completes the night – day time look with matching slip-ons and extravagant jewelries.

The collection will make a fine ready-to-wear choice for celebrities; in Nigeria, not so sure. Again, I like the simplicity of the collection, how it draws inspiration from this year’s extravagant sleeves and last year’s pyjamas fever and mashed them together to create a collected, beautiful presentation for 2019.

Details like the tasseled design at the side and hem of a white dress, the tie-dye prints, and oversized silk jackets, add to the collection’s excellent glam factor.

The jewelry collection is gorgeous and one of my finest picks of the collection; there’s a fine play of structure, minimalism and a bit of bold extravagance – big bold bangles stand alone, sometimes without earrings or necklace, and where there’s a necklace, Esteban foregoes extra jewelry, the earrings by themselves, are interesting enough to miss a pair.

Esteban Cortazar’s Spring 2019 Ready to Wear collection comprises beachwear, office and day wear; there’s basically something available to put on for any occasion.

Photo Source: Vogue

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