Spring 2019 Ready to Wear Collection – The Elder Statesman

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With The Elder Statesman, I am loving all the ways this collection comes out right as a ready-to-wear collection.

An easy, youthful style, The Elder Statesman’s new Spring 2019 Ready to Wear collection is as rich in colour as it is in simplicity.

00006-the-elder-statesman-spring-2019-justin-chung.jpg00001-the-elder-statesman-spring-2019-justin-chung.jpg00004-the-elder-statesman-spring-2019-justin-chung.jpg00009-the-elder-statesman-spring-2019-justin-chung.jpg00003-the-elder-statesman-spring-2019-justin-chung.jpg00012-the-elder-statesman-spring-2019-justin-chung.jpg00014-the-elder-statesman-spring-2019-justin-chung.jpg00008-the-elder-statesman-spring-2019-justin-chung.jpgA collection of sweaters with matching pants and split skirts, the collection is ripe for next year’s Coachella on the fun side, and a sunny day out with friends on the quiet side.
With simplicity being one of my focal points when choosing a clothing, I like how the designer, Greg Chait makes this collection so simple, yet visually appealing and chic.

Photo Source: Vogue.

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