Food 🍲 Inspo 6: ‘Kpom Maggi Rice’ with Orishirishi



It is as tongue twisting as it is mouth watering.

I was nervous about serving this meal at a birthday party. I changed my mind twice, and at some point, sold off what I had bought for cooking it. Luckily, I tried and succeeded, despite fearing for insane reasons that I wouldn’t.
I prepared this dish for my daddy’s birthday party, and it was accompanied by a cake from Crunchies Enugu, and a side of fresh salad mixed with hot suya.

One of the important factors that makes Kpom Maggi Rice different from the normal jollof rice, is its low budget. Others include that it is basically a mixture of three special ingredients, red Palm Oil (mmanu urazi), Maggi (seasoning) and salt.

The ‘Orishirishi’ mix in my own dish, include ice fish cooked and later fried in palm oil, kpomo (cow skin), crayfish and shredded beef.

Ingredients for ‘Kpom’ Maggi Rice
1. Two cups of Rice
2. 1 cup of Red Palm Oil
3. 4 Maggi cubes (seasoning)
4. 2 balls of medium size Onions
5. Fresh pepper
6. Salt
7. Crayfish
8. Kpomo
9. Fresh Ice Fish
10. Scented leaves (Akwukwo Ahunji)
11. Hand shredded cooked beef
12. Fresh green pepper
13. Fresh cucumber
14. Fresh tomatoes

Preparation for Kpom Maggi Rice with Orishirishi
1. Wash and parboil rice.
2. Wash and clean the ice fish, beef and kpomo (cow skin) in separate bowls.
3. Spice the fish, beef and kpomo with Maggi cubes, salt and onions to taste, and cook separately.
4. When properly cooked, dice the kpomo into small or medium sized cubes and hand shred the beef.
5. Fry the ice fish in bleached red palm oil. Some say the taste of fish fried in good palm oil is better. Aside considering the taste, I used red palm oil because it is on my list and I wanted to stay true to the traditional Kpom Maggi recipe.
6. Blend the pepper.
7. Grind the crayfish.
8. Slice onions, green pepper and scented leaves.
8. Pour the remaining red palm oil in a pot and heat for about 8 minutes until it has a clear golden color. Add onions, pepper and stir.
9. Add the crayfish, kpomo and shredded beef, salt and Maggi cubes to taste and add water.
10. Cover pot and cook for 5 minutes and then add the parboiled rice and cook.
11. Before the liquid in the rice dries up, add the scented leaves and green pepper, and cover the pot.
12. When cooked, stir the scented leaves and green pepper into the rice until finely blended.
13. Slice the fresh tomatoes and cucumber into rings.
14. Serve the rice with the sliced tomatoes, cucumber and fried fish.

Food is ready.

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