Textures and Tones: New Edition

7_2048x2048.jpgWomen’s wear and clothing brand, Jlux Label earlier presented a 2018 Fall collection titled, Textures and Tones.

I think that the Fall collection, enjoys massive success, and it is for this reason that the brand has released a sister collection, that speaks to femininity, softness and beauty as the first collection.

17_2048x2048.jpg5_2048x2048.jpg18_2048x2048.jpgIMG_20181010_230803_511.JPGIMG_20181010_230840_210.JPGIMG_20181010_230655_834.JPGIMG_20181010_230730_726.JPGIMG_20181010_230713_360.JPGIMG_20181010_230822_207.JPGIMG_20181010_230645_062.JPGIMG_20181010_230628_419.JPGWith an even more unique imprint, the Textures and Tones: New Edition, offers more in terms of comfort, elegance and sophisticated style. On offering for the brand’s customers, include a caramel leather short, with jackets, an oversized polar bear coat, a stylish cropped track suit, and one of my favorites, the Amanda cardigan.

IMG_20181010_231115_587.JPGIMG_20181010_231141_790.JPGIMG_20181010_231000_361.JPGIMG_20181011_070011_569.JPGIMG_20181011_065936_950.JPGIMG_20181011_065947_688.JPGIMG_20181011_065926_655.JPGIMG_20181011_065917_641.JPGIMG_20181011_070000_023.JPGIMG_20181011_065846_407.JPGIMG_20181011_065727_908.JPGIMG_20181011_065905_936.JPGIMG_20181011_065715_260.JPGIMG_20181011_065642_550.JPGIMG_20181011_065623_106.JPGIMG_20181011_065548_637.JPGIMG_20181011_065701_045.JPGAccording to the fashion brand, the collection, “reinvents glamour in every day fashion” .

Photo Source: jluxlabel.com

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