DIARRABLU – Fall 2018 Collection


Diarrablu is a Senegalese contemporary women’s wear clothing brand based in Dakar, Senegal. The brand is an offshoot of the Dakar Boutique Group; with its sister brand, the Diarra Bousso, focusing on the design and production of leather goods.

Clothing from the Diarrablu’s Fall 2018 Collection is in sets. It has so far been released in bits, with the first look from the collection, the Mailys dress, released in the first week of September.


Diarrablu’s clothings are largely inspired by Africa – culture, environment, prints, design and lifestyle.

With simple aesthetics and vibrant colors, Diarrablu’s Fall 2018 Collection is definite, sensual and rich, made even more so by its representations of African natural environment.
Rich brown colors, the deep green tone, blue, white colors and handpainted designs are, to me, references to the beautiful dusty mud huts, green lush fields, beautiful skies, all symbols of Africa’s rich heritage.

Even with its huge reference to Africa, this Fall 2018 Collection can stand-out anywhere, with items such as the Lika set and Sini jumpsuit drawing inspirations from modern day culture.

The collection is flagged as ready to wear. I think it is quite “ready to wear”, a relatable and smart look and with the Abaci Leather mules, you are good to go.

Photo Source: Instagram, @diarrablu

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