The Artistic Exquisite Lines Collection

Trish O Couture, a Nigerian women’s wear clothing brand has released a ready to wear collection, the Artistic Collection.

IMG_20181026_105136_684.JPGModeled by actor and fashion stylist, Leona Chidolue and @ochimbia, the new collection photographed by Tranformaz Studios, is bold, eye catching and elegant.

IMG_20181026_104851_187.JPGIMG_20181026_104838_028.JPGIMG_20181026_104907_791.JPGIMG_20181026_104929_688.JPGIMG_20181026_105012_670.JPGIMG_20181026_104958_028.JPGIMG_20181026_104942_628.JPGI like that this collection is modeled by curvy women.
Although I think, that the design details such as the pleats, floral appliqués, ruffles and ostrich feathers, are a bit too much and distracts from the soft color pallete and exquisite lines, however I also think that that Trish O Couture, cleverly emphasizes the curvy parts of a woman’s silhouette, using some of these details.

IMG_20181026_105104_407.JPGIMG_20181026_105115_227.JPGIMG_20181026_105027_192.JPGIMG_20181026_105039_495.JPGIMG_20181026_105054_715.JPGIMG_20181026_105126_025.JPGIMG_20181026_104806_434.JPGIMG_20181026_104918_789.JPGIMG_20181026_105146_669.JPGPieces from the Artistic Exquisite Lines collection provides flexible choices for the wearer; it will work as an office wear, a second wedding dress or can be worn to any event.

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