London 2019 Bridal Collection by Lior Chachy

IMG_20181027_231214_902.JPGThis is not a Cinderella story, it is a modern story of romance, beauty, sensuality, magic and lace. It is the London 2019 Bridal Collection by Lior Chachy.

IMG_20181027_231355_463.JPGIMG_20181027_230724_852.JPGIMG_20181027_231540_617.JPGIMG_20181027_231415_958.JPGThis collection features detailed lace and embroidery work and come in white color.

Lior Chachy’s latest collection is not the usual bridal look; this collection pushes the boundary of appropriateness and conformity, to create a look that will always be remembered. Lior Chachy carefully considers what will appeal to today’s urbane woman.

IMG_20181027_231640_358.JPGIMG_20181027_231735_082-1.JPGIMG_20181027_231133_046.JPGIMG_20181027_230711_648.JPGIMG_20181027_231556_984.JPGIMG_20181027_230818_480.JPGIMG_20181027_231252_936.JPGI like it’s use of sheer fabrics and cut-out panels, slits and illusion details.

IMG_20181027_231659_005.JPGIMG_20181027_230909_557.JPGIMG_20181027_231617_858.JPGIMG_20181027_230800_256.JPGIMG_20181027_230848_181.JPGIMG_20181027_230933_358.JPGIMG_20181027_231233_891.JPGIMG_20181027_231456_706.JPGIMG_20181027_231155_385.JPGIMG_20181027_231711_750.JPGIMG_20181027_231325_803.JPGIMG_20181027_231014_784.JPGIMG_20181027_231311_104.JPGIMG_20181027_231529_527.JPGIMG_20181027_230657_044.JPGIMG_20181027_231034_030.JPGIMG_20181027_231723_221.JPGThe collection is Lior Chachy’s offering to women who want something that is intimately special and ethereal, and who also wish for breathtaking style and elegance at their wedding.

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