Beautifully Different

IMG_20181029_204419_012.JPGIn our world, we sometimes find something that is quite out of the ordinary, like a traditional Japanese robe in a wedding instead of a white wedding gown.

When I see weddings between Nigerians and other nationals, I often wonder what goes on in their minds when they see and wear our Aso-ebi, Agbada or tie our gèlè?

IMG_20181029_205934_536.JPGThis post is about a beautiful and colorful traditional Japanese robe which was worn by a bride to her Shinto-style wedding. It’s probably not new to people familiar with Japanese traditional weddings but it’s my first time of seeing a traditional Japanese wedding.

IMG_20181029_205912_146.JPGIMG_20181029_210009_956.JPGThe bride is Princess Ayako of Tamayako, the groom is Kei Moriya. The couple exchanged their vows in a beautiful traditional ceremony in Tokyo, Japan, at the Meiji Shrine.

While her groom dressed in a black, English coattails and stripped trousers, Princess Ayako went traditional in a Heian-era traditional hairstyle, impeccably coiffed for the occasion, and for her ensemble, she wore a full kimono. She wore two dresses, with two kimonos; the first, a yellow kimono with red and green leafy patterns and the other, a red kimono.
They both look really happy in these photos.

Photo Source: Daily Mail

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