The Curvy Life

4B9A9418.jpgThe Curvy Life is known for its plus-sized dresses. They are different.
The label creates and brings to life, some of what plus sized women see in magazines. Time after time, the Curvy Life has continued to astound customers, investors and designers with their designs.

4B9A9451.jpg4B9A9396.jpg4B9A9387.jpg4B9A9446.jpg4B9A9390.jpg4B9A9406.jpgFor the Glitz African Fashion Week, The Curvy Life highlights all the parts a curvy girl will rather not show- the arms, the chest, the thighs and the tummy area. In today’s time, where acceptance is the focus, this collection says ‘We see you, we hear you, and we do so with love’.

4B9A9438.jpg4B9A9441.jpg4B9A9401-1.jpg4B9A9380.jpg4B9A9432.jpg4B9A9464.jpgThe Curvy Life’s collection displays low cut necklines, bare shoulders, sleeveless, sheer and above the knee dresses, amping them with lace trimmings, capes, frills, floral appliqués, tassels and statement belts.

Each look is accessorized modestly, with simple pieces of jewelry and bags, purses, clutches, shoulder bags and handbags. The collection also uses simple makeup to achieve a flattering and gorgeous look.
With this collection, you just have to be you.

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