New Month, New Pieces

IMG_20181030_230913_121.JPGWanni Fuga’s clothings are simple, have class and style.
The Nigerian brand’s series of new releases embody the brand’s signature style.

IMG_20181030_231055_672.JPGIMG_20181030_231021_108.JPGIMG_20181030_230524_052.jpgIMG_20181030_230959_145.JPGIMG_20181030_230854_232.JPGIMG_20181030_230924_206.JPGThe Nabir set, the Dary wrap set, the Twist dress, the Kano sets, PJ, Buba, Pina sets all include restocked pieces and entirely new releases.

IMG_20181030_230947_996.JPGIMG_20181030_230524_050.jpgIMG_20181030_231010_341.JPGIMG_20181030_231045_521.JPGIMG_20181030_230833_466.JPGIMG_20181030_230937_452.JPGThe collection makes a great look for the office, an outing, or an event.

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