Kendall +Kylie 2018 Holiday Collection

IMG_20181102_213649_434.JPGSisters, Kendall and Kylie recently released their 2018 Holiday Collection. The reality TV stars own the eponymous clothing label, and has been partnering with US based clothing and retail brand Pac Sun, since 2013.

IMG_20181102_213547_108IMG_20181102_213756_767.JPGIMG_20181102_213901_685.JPGIMG_20181102_213620_065IMG_20181102_213813_614.JPGIMG_20181102_213455_927.JPGIMG_20181102_213740_412.JPGIMG_20181102_213517_688.JPGIMG_20181102_213721_598.JPGIMG_20181102_213706_435.JPGThe Kendall + Kylie 2018 Holiday Collection is designed for teens and young adults. The collection includes a green cable knit sweater, tube tops, ripped jeans, a knit school girl skirt, a yellow Teddy puffer jacket, shift dress, a mock neck sweater and more.

pac-sun-2pac-sun-7pac-sun-9The Holiday Collection largely includes, looks for a warm weather, and are functional and affordable.

IMG_20181102_213841_641.JPGPhoto Source: Daily Mail, US Magazine

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