Moofa’s Designs at the Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2018

4B9A9838.jpgIt’s been weeks already, but this collection is cool and beautiful and worth talking about in the Hauz.
Titled ‘2 Sides To A Story’, this collection was showcased at the just concluded Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2018 at Accra, Ghana.

4B9A9753.jpg4B9A9751.jpg4B9A9766.jpg4B9A9772.jpg4B9A9792.jpg4B9A9805.jpg4B9A9759.jpgAn incorporation of bold sequined looks with dark muted colors, Moofa’s collection is eye catching and has glamorous details.
The collection has pieces that are easy to work with and style on your own. Although sheer comes out huge in this collection, I like that the pieces appear to attempt mixing modesty with sexiness. Instead of going bold with plunging necklines, thin straps or no sleeves, Moofa chooses, round necks with ruffled details, carefully placed designs on the busts, and use of long sleeves.

4B9A9797.jpg4B9A9787.jpg4B9A9780.jpg4B9A9819.jpgI understand the 2 Sides To A Story collection to mean, the placement of African inspired fabrics and designs side by side in comparison with trending Western wear.

4B9A9862.jpg4B9A9822.jpg4B9A9852.jpgI would personally have liked some of the looks to have a little less shine shine on it, like the beautiful, sequined jacket paired with a tiered pink, black, red and purple skirt. On their own, these pieces would have individually made a more beautiful and presentable look if worn with a different separates.

4B9A9831.jpg4B9A9817.jpg4B9A9866.jpg4B9A9871.jpg4B9A9874.jpgHowever, the collection is beautifully and stylishly designed, and are ready for your closet.

Photo Source: Ono

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