Sisiano,’As Though They Were Aristocrats’

IMG_20181106_084248_992.JPGI don’t really know if aristocratic is the word I will use here, but this collection is 💯 lit. It’s beautiful, chic and classy, modern look with soft color combinations and splashes of vivid, vibrant colors.

IMG_20181105_183440_798.JPGIMG_20181106_084337_646.JPGIMG_20181106_084322_052.JPGIMG_20181105_182826_247.JPGIMG_20181105_183422_685.JPGIMG_20181106_084300_164.JPGIMG_20181106_084227_721.JPGThis is Sisiano’s Spring/Summer 2019 Collection, titled ‘As Though They Were Aristocrats’.
The collection includes wide leg pants, palazzo pants, sheer blouses, crop tops, A line skirts, illusion necklines, plenty of rainbow stripes and tassels.

This collection was showcased at the Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2018 and photographed at the event by @sdrphoto.
For this look book, the African designer showcases only women’s wear. As Though They Were Aristocrats, has very relatable ready to wear pieces. They look relaxed to me and easy, not in a lazy way, but more like comfortable, sassy and cool relaxed.

IMG_20181105_182854_455.JPGIMG_20181105_183206_493.JPGIMG_20181105_183249_987.JPGIMG_20181105_182932_276.JPGIMG_20181105_182658_448.JPGThe ‘As Though They Were Aristocrats’ collection was photographed by Nigerian photographer, Anny Roberts and modeled by Precious John, Stefanie Bassey, @ebubedc, @bethmodelafrica and @immaahlee.

Sisiano at the Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2018 

Photo Source: Instagram, @sisiano

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