Food 🍲 Inspo 7: Easy Plantain Porridge


This is an easy to-do meal, and I served it for breakfast this morning.
It was supposed to be fried plantain and vegetable sauce, but I just mixed everything together to see how it would go. It turned out really well. Aside mixing the plantain and sauce together, I tweaked a few of the regular details, like cutting the plantain in round, small shapes and instead of long pyramid-like shapes.

Sliced plantain, ugu leaves, fresh to tomatoes, pepper, sliced onion, a cube of Mr. Chef seasoning, cinnamon and jollof spice

Ingredients for Easy Plantain Porridge (for two servings)
1. 1 finger of plantain
2. Fresh Green vegetables (Ugu leaves)
3. Fresh tomatoes
4. Fresh pepper
5. 1 ball of onions
6. A pinch of salt
7. 1 cube of Mr. Chef seasoning
8. A pinch of dry cinnamon
9. A pinch of jollof rice spice
10. Groundnut oil
11. Water

IMG_20181106_095409_321.jpgPreparation for Easy Plantain Porridge

1. Wash and peel the plantain.
2. Slice the plantain into round shapes.
3. Slice the onions, pepper and tomatoes.
4. Prepare the oil by heating it.
5. When the oil is hot, add sliced onions, pepper and tomatoes and sprinkle the cube of seasoning. Make sure it’s cooking on low heat.

IMG_20181106_095451_322.jpg6. Sprinkle the salt on the sliced plantain.

7. Add the plantains to the frying vegetables.

IMG_20181106_095302_420.jpgIMG_20181106_095336_228.jpg8. Wash your Ugu leaves with clean water and cut.

9. Check your plantain and vegetable sauce and stir.

10. Add the Ugu leaves to the frying mixture and cook until tender. The beauty of Ugu is that it stays beautifully green when you cook.

So, now your food is done, what will you serve it with?

These images belong to BeliJose’s Fashion Hauz.

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