Thoughts 💭


i had a dream
i flew to the heavens
and asked the Creator, “what is love?”

the Creator looked at me and smiled. “love is not a what,”
she answered. “love is a who.”

“a who?” i asked, head perching like a bird.

the Creator laughed, her beautiful lips spreading into a
lovely smile. “yes.

” whom is it?” i immediately demanded, my heart racing
in my chest,” who is love?”

and i saw the Creator smile the most beautiful smile i had ever seen, a smile full of colors so bright, they warmed my heart and filled my body with a deep sensation i couldn’t describe.


“you who?” i asked softly, wondering what you looked like and
what type of person was named you.

i tried thinking of all the people i met, the people I’d ever heard of and no one was named you.

the Creator lifted her arm in the air. She pointed at me and said, “you. you. you.”


“yes, you,” the Creator said again, her lovely eyes gazing into my soul. “you are love.”

—C P Beauvoir

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