Pop of Color by Lia

IMG_20181108_100350_216.JPGPop of Color by Lia is a clothing store that offers unique and elegant women’s clothing ranging from Haute Couture looks to street style.

With bold, colorful and beautiful ready to wear designs, the store has since October of this year, been displaying its newest releases.

IMG_20181108_100415_217.JPGIMG_20181108_100402_574.JPGIMG_20181108_100426_226.JPGIMG_20181108_100446_330.JPGIMG_20181108_100502_743.JPGModeled by @miss_lioma and photographed by @72_photography, the new releases include a princess style white bow dress; a blue floral salsa dress with long sleeves, pockets and pleat details at the hem; a pink silk wrap dress; a black and white, backless tutu dress with lace accents, a pretty pink high neck maxi dress with lace appliqué details, ruffles and pleats.

IMG_20181108_100526_443.JPGIMG_20181108_100514_267.JPGIMG_20181108_100536_404.JPGEach look come in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large, and are available at Pop of Color stores.

Photo Source: Instagram, @popofcolor_byl_ia

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