The Party wear Capsule Collection

mytheresa-x-balmain_01_001_final.jpgBalmain’s latest capsule collection is a 10 piece wonder, designed for the coming festive season.

mytheresa-x-balmain_07_111__final.jpgmytheresa-x-balmain_04_075__final.jpgmytheresa-x-balmain_01_014_final.jpgmytheresa-x-balmain_01_012_final.jpgmytheresa-x-balmain_05_052__final.jpgmytheresa-x-balmain_07_182__final.jpgmytheresa-x-balmain_07_235__final.jpgThe new collection is inspired by some of Olivier Rousteing’s famous, signature pieces, incorporating details such as the brand’s famed braided and beaded designs. The capsule collection is an exclusive collection for luxury online shopping store, Mytheresa.

mytheresa-x-balmain_02_017_final.jpgmytheresa-x-balmain_07_119__final.jpgmytheresa-x-balmain_06_012__final.jpgmytheresa-x-balmain_07_211__final.jpgmytheresa-x-balmain_03_061__final.jpgmytheresa-x-balmain_03_144__final.jpgmytheresa-x-balmain_02_020_final.jpgFrom its simple printed cotton sweatshirt to its glamorous and rich double breasted boucle dresses and, tweed blazer and mini skirt set, Balmain again offers a unique flattering style and elevated look to its customers.

Photo Source: Vogue.

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