Rosario’s Fall/Winter 2018 – 2019 Collection

IMG_20181118_075535_869.JPGSince 2012, Rosario is known for its line of evening and cocktail dresses. From the brand’s sparkling sequins, to its use of frills, bustier and lace details, Rosario continues to promote and provide elegant femininty through the its designs.

IMG_20181118_075205_198.JPGIMG_20181118_075434_796.JPGIMG_20181118_075413_435.JPGIMG_20181118_075308_271.JPGIMG_20181118_075357_451.JPGIMG_20181118_075559_958.JPGIMG_20181118_075449_359.JPGIMG_20181118_075154_925.JPGThe 2018 – 2019 Fall/Winter collection consists of a bold color mix; a black and white plaid dress is worn with a black sash and waist length red leggings , while a sequined mauve blouse with a pink skirt is paired with a red leggings.

IMG_20181118_075229_216.JPGIMG_20181118_075546_044.JPGIMG_20181118_075241_143.JPGIMG_20181118_075219_917.JPGIMG_20181118_075255_823.JPGIMG_20181118_075510_309.JPGIMG_20181118_075524_791.JPGIMG_20181118_075343_618.JPGIMG_20181118_075459_671.JPGIMG_20181118_075423_351.JPGThe key to this collection’s elegant, sophisticated look is in its styling. Rosario brings together colors and pieces that will ordinarily not work, but the designer does so with an excellent eye and skill.

IMG_20181118_075145_609.JPGIMG_20181118_075637_361.JPGIMG_20181118_075319_262.JPGIMG_20181118_075647_013.JPGIMG_20181118_075622_163.JPGIMG_20181118_075611_573.JPGThe collection has a power blazer with matching pants that can be switched from a day time to night time look, the rest make for glitzy balls and artsy red carpet events.

Photo Source: Instagram, @rosario

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