Elie Kuame’s Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

IMG_20181126_232103_412.JPGLast year, I announced that the fashion world was moving away from sheer and nude to embrace more modest wear designs in clothing. I admit that I was a little bit hasty.

IMG_20181126_232330_017.JPGIMG_20181126_232000_695.JPGIMG_20181126_232051_303.JPGThese pieces are from Elie Kuame’s Spring/Summer 2019 Collection. They are mostly made from tulles and chiffon for an ultimate sophisticated sheer/nude effect. I guess this is what makes sheer designs appealing for modern designers, it’s ability to work with any design details and its affinity with other fabrics.

IMG_20181126_232029_967.JPGIMG_20181126_232041_041.JPGIMG_20181126_231951_569.JPGIMG_20181126_232319_232.JPGElie Kuame’s Spring/Summer 2019 Collection speaks the right language. From a sophisticated style, to modern designs, flawless cuts and a unique relatable feel, the collection is what everyone would feel good wearing.

IMG_20181126_232234_266.JPGIMG_20181126_232245_064.JPGIMG_20181126_232223_483.JPGIMG_20181126_232148_046.JPGMade up of elegant dresses, plaid blazers, sleek palazzo pants and form fitting skirts, the collection comprises of cool warm color, sequined details, ruffle sleeves, belted waistlines and tiers.

IMG_20181126_232019_487.JPGIMG_20181126_232119_079.JPGIMG_20181126_232306_712.JPGIMG_20181126_232254_874.JPGIMG_20181126_231939_538.JPGI didn’t really feel the simple sandals that went with some of the looks, but I like that Elie Kuame tried a different approach to his presentation.

Photo Source: Instagram, @eliekuame

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