Vlisco x Style Temple

IMG_20181129_110454_460.JPGNigerian fashion label, Style Temple teamed with Vlisco, Africa’s no. 1 textile and fabric manufacturer, to create ten unique designs from the manufacture’s new wax prints for a look book titled, Force of Nature.

IMG_20181129_110206_371.JPGIMG_20181129_110358_030.JPGIMG_20181129_110251_686.JPGIMG_20181129_110306_750.JPGForce of Nature is inspired by the woman’s feminine strength, resilience and force. The look book is a fine mix of beautiful motifs, “bold romantic colors”, and elegant styles.

IMG_20181129_110623_130.JPGIMG_20181129_110535_936.JPGIMG_20181129_110633_808.JPGIMG_20181129_110706_567.JPGIMG_20181129_110715_152.JPGIMG_20181129_110524_694.JPGIMG_20181129_110607_596.JPGIMG_20181129_110645_423.JPGIMG_20181129_110506_600.JPGIMG_20181129_110412_459.JPGIMG_20181129_110655_953.JPGThis look book was shot in Ghana at the historic twin Boti Falls with an additional backdrop of a painted version of the nature falls by Ghanaian artist, Daniel A. Jasper.

IMG_20181129_110331_086.JPGIMG_20181129_110142_115.JPGIMG_20181129_110154_536.JPGIMG_20181129_110319_306.JPGIMG_20181129_110240_252.JPGIMG_20181129_110341_834.JPGIMG_20181129_110220_875.JPGThe ten pieces look book features blouses and pants, sleek gowns and dresses with jackets and more with beautiful illustrations, cut outs, ruffles, high collar necklines and floral details.

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