Christie Brown Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

IMG_20181204_101709_274.JPGChristie Brown presented this collection to the English royals, His Royal Highness Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall, in Accra Ghana during their official royal tour of Africa.

IMG_20181204_101656_147.JPGQuaretsph-15-400x600.jpgQuaretsph-17-400x600.jpgQuaretsph-4-400x600-1.jpgThe collection is beautiful and quite striking. The designer Christie Brown beautifully infuses aspects of culture from different eras together with each retaining its distinctive style and design.

IMG_20181204_101644_039.JPGQuaretsph-11-400x600.jpgQuaretsph-8-400x600-1.jpgArtboard-10-400x491-1.jpgQuaretsph-2-400x600-1.jpgQuaretsph-1-400x600-1.jpgIMG_20181204_101721_710.JPGWe see aspects of the Victorian era in the long puffy sleeves, milkmaid hats, high neck and bishop collars and corsets, while we see capes resembling the South African nwenda of the Venda tribe.

Quaretsph-7-400x600-1.jpgArtboard-5-2-400x490-1.jpgQuaretsph-3-400x600-1.jpgQuaretsph-6-400x600-1.jpgQuaretsph-13-400x600-1.jpgQuaretsph-14-400x600-1.jpgThe fabrics used in this Spring/Summer 2018 collection are distinctly African fabrics with rich colors and detailed floral and geometric motifs. The use of sheer fabrics are juxtaposed with heavy intricate lace and African prints.

Quaretsph-9-400x600-1.jpgQuaretsph-12-400x600-1.jpgQuaretsph-3-400x600.jpgQuaretsph-12-400x600.jpgQuaretsph-2-400x600.jpgQuaretsph-6-400x600.jpgArtboard-10-400x491.jpgQuaretsph-4-400x600.jpgQuaretsph-13-400x600.jpgThe collection’s rich details are what makes each piece interesting and exciting.

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