Fiorever Christmas Gift Ideas

IMG_20181206_094158_005.JPGWrapping gifts can be as exciting as unwrapping them. Shopping for the right special item for each person in your life, knowing that you are the only one with the knowledge of what is wrapped up in the box, and the thought of the reception each gift will bring to the receiver are intimate, precious and unique.

IMG_20181206_094320_297.JPGIMG_20181206_094214_990.JPGIMG_20181206_094143_304.JPGBvlgari, one of my now favorite jewelry brands released its Fiorever Christmas gift ideas.

The gift ideas for this season include the Fiorever High Jewelry Collection and the Serpentine Collection.

IMG_20181206_094307_015.JPGIMG_20181206_094240_756.JPGIMG_20181206_094230_609.JPGThey include the Fiorever gemstone bouquet necklace, bracelets and finger rings, the Serpentine Bvlgari bags, necklaces, rings and matching bracelets, and the LVCEA Tubogas wristwatches.

IMG_20181206_081351_897.JPGIMG_20181206_094130_104.JPGThe jewelry comes with diamond, sapphire and other gemstones and some in rose gold and white gold colors.

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