Taibo Bacar – Love Yourself

IMG_20181208_002100_390.JPGTaibo Bacar’s Love Yourself Collection features an exclusive Taibo Bacar private collection of 4 new styles of sunglasses in two colors.

IMG_20181206_094421_380.JPGIMG_20181206_094524_224.JPGIMG_20181206_095541_409.JPGIMG_20181206_094336_024.JPGIMG_20181206_095722_071.JPGThe Mozambiquan women’s wear luxury brand also offers female sun hats embroidered with the brand’s name, the summer Be Bacar bags which comes in a chic round shape and features double straps, denim pants and shorts, round neck tops, shoes, belts and floral themed beach dresses, pants, jackets and shirt dresses.

IMG_20181206_095740_285.JPGIMG_20181206_105540_730.JPGIMG_20181206_095755_667.JPGIMG_20181206_105507_957.JPGIMG_20181206_094607_729.JPGIMG_20181206_105619_617.JPGThe Love Yourself Collection was photographed by @carlosteixeiraphotos with hair and makeup by @lush.hairandbodyclinic and @themakeupcompanyy. The collection was modeled by @shaniza_cardoso, @humairah.ismael, @raisamz and @guilherminaZandamela.

The collection is designed for a chic, beautiful summer style.

Photo Source: Instagram, @taibobacar

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