Luxury Vintage With A Twist

Mazelle is a Nigerian based women’s wear luxury brand making its mark in Nigeria and across Africa.

IMG_20181208_120637_109.JPGWith its clothings designed and manufactured in Nigeria, the brand’s latest pieces titled Nostalgic Summer 2018 take on a life of their own offering uniqueness and vivacity.

IMG_20181208_120705_079.JPGIMG_20181208_120751_614.JPGIMG_20181208_120716_787.JPGAccording to the brand’s Instagram page, Nostalgic Summer 2018 is an infusion of Mazelle’s signature Adire mix, clean shapes and lines but this time, with a vintage peak, sequins, shimmer, femme inspired fabrics and a clever use of embellishments delicately handbeaded unto colorful fabrics.

IMG_20181208_120623_870.JPGIMG_20181208_120729_509.JPGIMG_20181208_120652_398.JPGThe collection includes bralette inspired blouses, Adire pants, off shoulder blouses with puffy sleeves, and one of my favorite pieces, a green short dress with deep plunging neckline, sequined corset belt and sleeves.

IMG_20181208_120742_218.JPGIMG_20181208_120607_168.JPGIMG_20181208_120553_437.JPGThe collection was photographed by Bolaji Odukoya, with creative direction from @thesvnflwr and styled by Moashy Stylings with makeup and hair by @thatpejubabe and @thebeautyboxlagos. @amarachionkwe and @daberechi_ of Few Models modeled the looks.

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