D’Luxe Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

IMG_20181208_120116_701.JPGThe Urban Cruise Collection is D’Luxe Haute Couture’s Spring/Summer 2019 Collection.

IMG_20181208_120347_445.JPGIMG_20181208_120324_201.JPGIMG_20181208_120249_729.JPGIMG_20181208_120225_077.JPGD’Luxe latest Spring/Summer 2019 Collection offering includes bold colors, elegant cuts, clean lines, stripes, deconstruction and layering.

IMG_20181208_120506_719.JPGIMG_20181208_120456_053.JPGIMG_20181208_120058_212.JPGIMG_20181208_120200_459.JPGIMG_20181208_120149_159.JPGAn elegant, clean look for every woman, the Spring/Summer 2019 Collection tells the story of women who are bold, have elegant confidence and are versatile with their looks. From dresses to robes, blouses, co-ed pantsuits, and kimono jackets.

IMG_20181208_120443_663.JPGIMG_20181208_120433_020.JPGIMG_20181208_120215_332.JPGIMG_20181208_120410_478.JPGIMG_20181208_120041_981.JPGIMG_20181208_120358_583.JPGIMG_20181208_120025_769.JPGIMG_20181208_120335_937.JPGIMG_20181208_120420_957.JPGIMG_20181208_120013_578.JPGThe collection was modeled by @immaahlee and photographed by Mayor Tony (@mayor_tony), with styling by @bharbie_dhol and makeup by @zaraati.

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