More from Chic Couture’s Holiday Collection

IMG_20181216_223151_584.JPGSince the start of this festive season, Chic Couture Online a women’s wear brand and retail store, has been promoting its latest collection The Holiday Collection.

IMG_20181216_174126_383.JPGIMG_20181216_174110_243.JPGIMG_20181216_223054_119.JPGIMG_20181216_173529_277.JPGIMG_20181216_173628_005.JPGIMG_20181216_173901_204.JPGIMG_20181216_173745_819.JPGShowcasing new looks each time, the Holiday Collection is designed for every woman who wants to get their chic own.

With body accentuating outfits in silver, red, green, gold, blue, black and more, the brand through this collection provides variety for it’s customers with the outfits ranging from jumpsuits to elegant gowns, dresses, pants and blouses.

IMG_20181216_172935_653.JPGIMG_20181216_172959_350.JPGIMG_20181216_173449_866.JPGIMG_20181216_173339_569.JPGIMG_20181216_173431_489.JPGIMG_20181216_223604_270.JPGIMG_20181216_223534_357.JPGIMG_20181216_174035_840.JPGIMG_20181216_174057_117.JPGIMG_20181216_173108_150.JPGIMG_20181216_173156_505.JPGIMG_20181216_223809_682.JPGIMG_20181216_174335_722.JPGIMG_20181216_223227_651.JPGIMG_20181216_223334_209.JPGIMG_20181216_173209_393.JPGIMG_20181216_173929_238.JPGIMG_20181216_173036_530.JPGIMG_20181216_173248_206.JPGIMG_20181216_223707_978.JPGIMG_20181216_223357_513.JPGIMG_20181216_174014_652.JPGIMG_20181216_173048_905.JPGIMG_20181216_223444_151.JPGIMG_20181216_174303_774.JPGIMG_20181216_222908_412.JPGThe outfits are accompanied with excellent choices of jewelry – earrings, chokers, bracelets and rings, necklaces, and each piece finely compliments the outfit.

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