Africa Is Now Magazine

Africa Is Now Magazine is an online magazine with a focus on contemporary African content, covering lifestyle, art, beauty, fashion, craft, music and more.

IMG_20181220_013424_984.JPGIn its latest issue, the Magazine features a beautiful photo shoot featuring hats from Crystal Birch, a South African based ‘maverick milliner’.

IMG_20181220_013403_978.JPGIMG_20181220_013330_228.JPGThe shoot which was photographed by Michael Oliver Love, with art and style directions from Chrisna De Bruyn and Lampost Lustre features models Kitso, Nandipha and Kathlego posing in the nude and wearing sun hats by Crystal Birch.

IMG_20181220_013456_184.JPGIMG_20181220_013444_796.JPGThe photography is stunning, beautiful and well thought out. The bodies of the models are 💯 and I guess that is the reason why the shoot also serves as a fashion and beauty editorial on how to maintain and care for melanin skin.

IMG_20181220_013552_643-1.JPGIMG_20181220_013341_353.JPGIMG_20181220_013525_262.JPGIMG_20181220_013539_450.JPGThe hats are handmade and come in red, sand and black colors with some of them made from straw or mesh net. One of the fine points for the hats are its dramatic wide brims.

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