The Femme Élégante Collection

IMG-20181208-WA0023.jpgThe Femme Élégante Collection is a collection of ready to wear pieces that are sophisticated and stylish.

IMG-20181208-WA0030.jpgIMG-20181208-WA0021.jpgIMG_20181222_002155_985.JPGIMG_20181222_002228_069.JPGDesigned by Nigerian fashion label, Elegante by Aisha the collection of well tailored designs and vibrant colors is the brand’s 2019 Summer collection.

IMG_20181222_002349_757.JPGIMG_20181222_002250_502.JPGIMG_20181222_002212_380.JPGIMG_20181222_002141_040.JPGIMG_20181222_002321_434.JPGIMG_20181222_002124_644.JPGIMG_20181222_002426_366.JPGThe collection features coordinated sets of short dresses, pants, jumpsuits and skirts with a range of size friendly pieces.

IMG_20181222_002305_822.JPGIMG-20181204-WA0010.jpgIMG-20181208-WA0022.jpgIMG-20181204-WA0004.jpgIMG-20181204-WA0009.jpgIMG_20181222_002155_985.JPGIMG_20181222_002051_061.JPGIMG_20181222_002410_215.JPGIMG-20181208-WA0037.jpgThe collection is tailored to fit and appeal to every woman and is chic, fashionable and stylish.

Photo Source: Ono

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