What you need for a low key Christmas

christmas_ornament_from_pixabay_90c6453c-dba8-469c-83c3-4cea9773b5acI don’t know about where you live, but a lot of people are hyped about where to go and what to do to this Christmas day: movies, clubs, dates, lunch with friends, dinner parties, weddings, the list is long.

However, some others prefer a low key Christmas, just you, or you and the family, or close loved ones, putting your feet up and watching the latest season of Big Bang Theory or Ojukwu.

But while you ditch the mini sequined dress, stilettos, bright red lipstick or stylishly done hair for simple and cosy, light brushes of mascara can be among the comfort, simple and elegant beauty tools you may require.

Here’s my list of ‘your choice’ fashion items for a low key Christmas-

1. Sergio Rossi’s fluffy slippers dubbed “the perfect choice for a lazy weekend”. This is super comfy, beautiful and stylish and is on my list of what I want for Christmas. It’s cosy for a stay at home Christmas and it has such a soft and warm feel against your feet, that they will thank you.

IMG_20181225_084914_606.JPG2. This year, beauty products that have excellent textures, in beautiful natural tones and designed to embrace skin types were on the rise. From Maybelline to MAC to Kylie Cosmetics and Fenty Beauty, there was a lot to choose from. For this post, I chose Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb lipstick in dusty pink shade as a go-to for lip simplicity.

IMG_20181225_084805_800.JPG3. It’s cold around here, for this reason cardigans and sweaters are within arm’s reach. On Instagram, I stumbled upon this golden yellow knitted cardigan that is simple and very cool. It is from Blanc Magazine’s Online December 2018 Issue photographed by @bagaak and styled by @katrinaasmaa.

IMG_20181225_084729_005.JPG4. A chunky, arm knitted blanket is so perfect for a movie with yourself or with a close loved one. This cardigans are elegantly crafted and even have do-it-yourself video tutorials on Pinterest.

80fdf5e329bbce1645357a8cb0644603.jpg5. This could be you in a Pepskru pink lace lingerie looking all beautiful, fine and sexy for yourself in the comfort of your home.

IMG_20181225_084941_364.JPG6. Mascara. Please don’t do without a mascara if you can help it. If nothing else, you can do with a mascara and there are beautiful choices for a popping, natural and beautiful look.

7. Maxmara is fast becoming my go-to recommendation for comfort, style and luxury. This is the fashion brand’s pink Teddy Bear. This particular shot was featured in @grazia_it and photographed by @andrewyee_photo with styling by @michelebagnara.

IMG_20181225_084750_964.JPG8. A pair of cosy, long stockings and in tune with the Christmas spirit, bright colored stockings will be an excellent choice.

f0459eff2651d1e159ecc88ce3a9dc71.jpg9. A Calvin Klein pyjamas says style and comfort to the T. It’s simple and hassle free and matches πŸ€—.

3ff35670ff3d8989e0c5d728fdedf055.jpg10. The fine jewelry gift – a love bracelet or a pair of earrings to yourself or from a loved one. Who says you can’t bling indoors.


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