Tidbits On How To Wear High Heels Without Pain

21d890f4d566c5990a82b83806096d3f.jpgFrom ensuring you wear the right shoe size, wearing thicker heels, to educating yourself on your foot type are all helpful tips that made Stylecaster’s list of what to do to wear high heels without pain.

dbc7578e6bf97df21ac8fd010bde190cAs shared by PeachesndBerries, they are essential to (most) wardrobes and are amazing additions to your daytime and night time style.

2d9f80ad376096a30a30e3e93d5146b6.jpgc70fa007dc62103e3284f89c4d1ffa95.jpgSo here’s the list of to-dos:
1. Make sure you are wearing the right shoe size
2. Educate yourself on your foot type, know your foot type.
3. The thicker the heels the better. Avoid wearing thin heels everyday.
4. Avoid thin soles, opt for platforms.
5. Take breaks. Kick your shoes off and put your feet up.
6. Use a shoe insert.
7. Tape your third and foot toes (counting from the big toe) together to alleviate pain in the ball of your foot.

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