Esperanza – The Contemporary Woman

IMG_20190101_103437_685-1.JPGWith the Contemporary Woman, Esperanza encourages you to put a balance to being a career lover and a fashion lover in very stylishly cut, powerful looks.

IMG_20190101_103353_921-1.JPGIMG_20190101_103340_214-1.JPGIMG_20190101_103610_763-1.JPGIMG_20190101_103602_178-1.JPGIMG_20190101_103549_586-1.JPGThe look book for this collection was photographed by The Alfe and features the works of stylist, This Thing Called Fashion and makeup artist, @merakibyonome.

IMG_20190101_103520_249-1.JPGIMG_20190101_103539_729-1.JPGIMG_20190101_103531_149-1.JPGIMG_20190103_214720_093.JPGIMG_20190103_214923_727.JPGModeled by King Oyin, The Contemporary Woman incorporates the traditional colors of a lawyer’s corporate wear into each piece; we see whites mixed with black, navy blue colors and grey.

IMG_20190101_103459_245-1.JPGIMG_20190101_103449_855-1.JPGIMG_20190103_214826_581.JPGThe collection is inspired by Adebiyi Mabel Adetoun, the Former Deputy Director General and Head of the Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus, whose everyday work style exudes elegance, sophistication and professionalism.

IMG_20190103_214938_759.JPGIMG_20190101_103437_685-1.JPGIMG_20190101_103417_618-1.JPGIMG_20190103_214758_422.JPGIMG_20190103_214812_110.JPGIMG_20190101_103402_285-1.JPGIMG_20190101_103539_729-1.JPGIMG_20190101_103509_708-1.JPGAccording to Esperanza, the Contemporary Woman is not restricted to lawyers alone but it’s a collection of work wear for women who want something more from fashion (and work clothes).

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