Spring/Summer 2019 Collection – Abiola Olusola

IMG_20190110_094800_841.JPGAbiola Olusola’s Spring/Summer 2019 colllection comprises of elegant haute couture pieces in dark hues.

IMG_20190110_094451_485.JPGIMG_20190110_094412_121.JPGIMG_20190110_094352_945.JPGIMG_20190110_094432_646.JPGThe Nigerian fashion brand makes use of African prints for this collection mixing the fabrics with mesh fabrics in the same colour. The collection includes short-skirts, skirts, and dresses that come in a mix of masculine and feminine silhouettes and cuts.

IMG_20190110_094655_606.JPGIMG_20190110_094618_387.JPGIMG_20190110_094738_286.JPGIMG_20190110_094800_841.JPGIMG_20190110_094711_869.JPGEach piece of this collection is bold, modern and elegantly constructed with pieces of chic matching accessories. Pieces from this collection are not what you find everyday on the streets of Nigeria (maybe in Lagos State), but they make a beautiful classy addition addition to any wardrobe and a standout style moments for classy events and shows.

IMG_20190110_094520_072.JPGIMG_20190110_094213_323.JPGIMG_20190110_094723_677.JPGIMG_20190110_094559_620.JPGIMG_20190110_094304_570.JPGIMG_20190110_094634_874.JPGIMG_20190110_094548_943.JPGIMG_20190110_094134_201.JPGIMG_20190110_094352_945.JPGIMG_20190110_094157_810.JPGThe collection is artistic and well put together with complementing accessories that are outside the mainstream of fashion.

I like what designer Abiola Olusola does with this collection by giving haute couture a desired African/Nigerian street cred and making it more realistic for the everyday woman of style.

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